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Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in the late 13th century on the island of Tsushima, Japan, during the first Mongol invasion. The player takes on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior who must defend his homeland from the invading Mongol army.The game is an open-world adventure that allows players to explore the vast and beautiful island of Tsushima. The island is divided into three regions, each with its own unique environment and challenges. Players can travel between regions on horseback, and can also fast travel to previously visited locations.The gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima is a mix of stealth, combat, and exploration. Players can choose to approach situations in a variety of ways, using stealth to sneak up on enemies and take them out silently, or engaging in intense sword fights with multiple enemies at once. The combat system is based on traditional samurai sword fighting techniques, and requires precision and timing to master.As players progress through the game, they can unlock new abilities and upgrade their weapons and armor. They can also collect resources and craft new items, such as arrows and bombs, to aid them in combat.One of the unique features of Ghost of Tsushima is the “Ghost” gameplay mechanic. As Jin becomes more desperate to defend his homeland, he begins to adopt more ruthless tactics, such as using fear and deception to gain an advantage over his enemies. Players can choose to embrace this darker side of Jin's personality, using stealth and surprise attacks to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.The game also features a photo mode, allowing players to capture stunning images of the island and its inhabitants. The game's soundtrack, composed by Shigeru Umebayashi, is a beautiful and haunting mix of traditional Japanese instruments and modern orchestration.Overall, Ghost of Tsushima is a stunning and immersive game that transports players to a rich and detailed world inspired by Japanese history and culture. With its engaging gameplay, beautiful visuals, and compelling story, it is a must-play for fans of action-adventure games.

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The brand new launch trailer introduces players to the Ghost of Tsushima

System requirements for Ghost of Tsushima
OS: Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 (64 Bit) Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz Or AMD FX-8320 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 2 GB or AMD Radeon R9 380 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: Storage: 60 GB available space
not supported

Reviews Ghost of Tsushima Game

Ghost of Tsushima is an absolute masterpiece of a game. From the stunning visuals to the immersive gameplay, this game has it all. The story is captivating and emotional, taking you on a journey through the beautiful island of Tsushima. The combat system is fluid and satisfying, allowing you to take on enemies with a variety of weapons and techniques. The open-world design of the game is breathtaking, with every corner of the island offering something new to discover. The attention to detail in this game is unparalleled, from the way the wind guides you to your next objective to the way the leaves rustle in the wind. The soundtrack is also a standout feature, perfectly capturing the mood and atmosphere of the game. Overall, Ghost of Tsushima is a must-play for any fan of action-adventure games. It's a game that will keep you engaged for hours on end, and leave you wanting more. Don't hesitate to pick up this game, you won't regret it.

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Popular user-defined tags:

  • Stunning visuals and graphics that bring the world of Tsushima to life.
  • Engaging and emotional storyline that immerses players in the world and characters.
  • Fluid and intuitive combat system that allows for a variety of playstyles.
  • Open-world exploration that encourages players to discover hidden secrets and side quests.
  • Customizable gameplay options that allow players to tailor their experience to their preferences.
  • Beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack that enhances the overall experience.
  • Attention to historical accuracy and cultural representation that adds depth and authenticity to the game.
  • Well-developed and memorable characters that players will care about and root for.
  • Plenty of content and replay value, with multiple endings and a New Game+ mode.
  • Overall, a masterful and unforgettable gaming experience that is sure to please fans of the genre.
  • The open world can feel empty and repetitive at times
  • The story can feel predictable and uninspired
  • Some players may find the combat too simplistic or easy
  • The game's stealth mechanics can feel overly restrictive and clunky

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