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Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remastered version of the classic 2002 game, Mafia. Developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games, this game is a third-person action-adventure game set in the fictional city of Lost Heaven during the 1930s. The game follows the story of Tommy Angelo, a cab driver who gets caught up in the world of organized crime.The game features an open-world environment that players can explore freely. The city of Lost Heaven is beautifully recreated with stunning graphics and attention to detail. The game's story is divided into chapters, each of which has its own set of missions. The missions range from driving to shooting, and players must complete them to progress through the story.The game's combat system is a mix of cover-based shooting and hand-to-hand combat. Players can use a variety of weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and Tommy guns. The hand-to-hand combat system is also well-designed, with players able to perform combos and counter-attacks.One of the standout features of Mafia: Definitive Edition is its story. The game's narrative is well-written and engaging, with a cast of memorable characters. The story is told through cutscenes and in-game dialogue, and players will find themselves invested in the fate of Tommy Angelo and his associates.The game also features a number of side activities, such as racing and collecting hidden items. These activities add to the game's replayability and provide a break from the main story.Overall, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a fantastic remaster of a classic game. The game's updated graphics and improved gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the original game and newcomers alike. The game's story, characters, and open-world environment make it a standout title in the action-adventure genre.

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Mafia: Definitive Edition game trailer

The brand new launch trailer introduces players to the Mafia: Definitive Edition

System requirements for Mafia: Definitive Edition

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core-i5 2550K 3.4GHz / AMD FX 8120 3.1 GHz

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: Storage: 50 GB available space

not supported

Reviews Mafia: Definitive Edition Game

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a masterpiece of a game that will take you on a thrilling journey through the criminal underworld of the 1930s. The game is a complete remake of the original Mafia game, with stunning graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and a gripping storyline that will keep you hooked from start to finish.The attention to detail in Mafia: Definitive Edition is simply outstanding. From the beautifully recreated city of Lost Heaven to the authentic cars and weapons of the era, every aspect of the game has been meticulously crafted to create an immersive and believable world.The gameplay in Mafia: Definitive Edition is a perfect blend of action, exploration, and storytelling. You'll take on a variety of missions, from high-speed car chases to intense shootouts, all while navigating the complex relationships between the game's characters.But what really sets Mafia: Definitive Edition apart is its story. The game follows the rise of Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver who gets caught up in the world of organized crime. As you progress through the game, you'll witness Tommy's transformation from a small-time crook to a powerful mafia boss, all while dealing with the consequences of his actions.Overall, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a must-play game for anyone who loves a good story-driven game. With its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and unforgettable characters, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So if you're looking for a game that will transport you to a different time and place, look no further than Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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Popular user-defined tags:

  • The game features a compelling storyline that immerses players in the world of organized crime in the 1930s.
  • The graphics and visuals are stunning, with detailed character models and environments that bring the game's setting to life.
  • The gameplay is varied and engaging, with a mix of driving, shooting, and stealth elements that keep things interesting.
  • The game offers a range of customization options, allowing players to tailor their experience to their preferences.
  • The voice acting and soundtrack are top-notch, adding to the game's immersive atmosphere.
  • The game includes a range of side missions and activities, providing plenty of content for players to explore beyond the main story.
  • The game's open-world design allows for a sense of freedom and exploration, with plenty of hidden secrets and Easter eggs to discover.
  • The game's characters are well-developed and memorable, with complex motivations and relationships that add depth to the story.
  • The game's attention to historical detail adds an extra layer of authenticity to the experience, making it feel like a true period piece.
  • The game's difficulty curve is well-balanced, providing a satisfying challenge without feeling frustrating or unfair.
  • The open-world environment can feel empty and lacking in variety, with limited side activities and missions to engage in.
  • The driving mechanics can be unresponsive and frustrating, particularly during high-speed chases.
  • The combat system is lacking in depth, with limited options for stealth or strategy and overly simplistic gunplay mechanics.

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